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Strictly Beauty is offering 3 completely refurbished rooms to self employed professionals, separately or together in either a short or long term capacity. 

Each room with modern brand new couch or desk, sink, cabinets, led lights with dim switch, chairs.

Included: Water, electricity, heating & soon air conditioning, wi-fi, toilet, client waiting and reception area, tea and coffee facilities and use of staff room.We can also host your page on our website and receive your online appointments booking for you, we only need to know your availability. Strictly can provide a fully managed working environment allowing you to concentrate on your clients. 


We are looking for Practitioners of a variety of treatments and services, these would include:




Healing therapies


Counselling and Talking Therapists


Hypnotherapy etc...


Strictly arrangements are flexible and our standards are exceptionally high. Service quality, Strictly's image and our philosophy is paramount to us, so, if you are an exceptional practitioner who shares our values and would be interested in joining us, please contact us for a chat and a coffee.

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